Rare Coins – The Secret Investment of the Wealthy

Rare gold and silver coins provide a unique opportunity to invest in hard assets with maximum liquidity, extremely strong profit margins and global appeal.

Portable | Private | Liquid

Rare gold and silver US coins buy and sell transactions do not require reporting to any taxing authority.  Combine that with our anonymous market representation, and you can build an exquisite rare coin collection that safely and beautifully protects your wealth.

Portfolio Diversification | Risk Management

Most investment portfolios are invested primarily in traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds. In uncertain times, shifting savings and investment into metals not only provides security but if done correctly can prove to be an investment that offers gains while most other investments cannot.

Rare Gold Coins Are a Beautiful & Profitable Asset

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Hold beautiful assets, display them proudly, and know their values are growing!  To make this process easy, we proudly provide “white glove” numismatic services to collectors and investors at any level for free.

Free White Glove Numismatic Management Services

Our service will save you time, provide unparalleled protection, and build your wealth.

Benefits include:

  • Free portfolio assessment and recommendations
  • Completely anonymous market representation
  • Fraud and counterfeit protection
  • Maximum liquidity guaranteed
  • Unlimited rare coin consultations

Get Started with our Free Investors Guide to Rare Coins

Included in the free guide:

  • What are Numismatic (Rare) Coins
  • Advantages of Investing in Numismatic Coins
  • Anatomy of a Rare Coin
  • Rare Coin Grading Scale
  • List of Key Date Coins
  • Extensive FAQ
Investors Guide to Rare Coins

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Record breaking markets don’t mean the economy is booming!

Currently, the U.S. government is printing money and using it to buy up bonds with the intent to boost the economy. What happens to the economy and markets when the government stops printing money? Protect your wealth now with tangible assets not subject to artificial market inflation!

Rare coins have shown growth for the last 40+ years.


Key dates and rarities index

Other reasons to invest:

  • Privacy: Broker dealer is not required to report a buy or sell.
  • Portability: millions of dollars in rare coins can fit into a small box.
  • Simplicity: Enjoy your asset instead of worrying about economic problems.
  • Security: We don’t sell anything we won’t buy back.
  • Inheritance: Coins are protected from tax and are a unique asset to pass down.
  • Nostalgia: Learn and share the history of the U.S. through rare coins.

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